Kalmia Latifolia – Olympic Fire


Kalmia latifolia ‘Olympic Fire’ is a striking evergreen shrub renowned for its fiery and captivating presence in garden landscapes. Commonly known as Mountain Laurel, this cultivar boasts glossy, lance-shaped leaves that create a dense and vibrant foliage. ‘Olympic Fire’ earns its name from its spectacular flower clusters, which burst forth in late spring to early summer. The blooms showcase a brilliant combination of pink and red hues, resembling a captivating floral display reminiscent of a lively fire. This cultivar’s compact and well-branched growth habit makes it an ideal choice for woodland gardens, borders, or as an ornamental focal point. ‘Olympic Fire’ thrives in acidic and well-drained soils, and its resistance to pests, coupled with its dazzling floral show, makes it a sought-after addition for gardeners looking to infuse their landscapes with both color and charm.

Specific conditions: Needs acidic soil