Skimmia Japonica Marlot


Camellia Skimmia Japonica ‘Marlot’ is a charming evergreen shrub that graces gardens with its unique attributes. This compact and well-branched cultivar is highly appreciated for its glossy, dark green leaves, which serve as an attractive backdrop throughout the seasons. What sets ‘Marlot’ apart is its exquisite flower clusters. In late winter and early spring, this Skimmia variety produces dense, spherical panicles of beautiful pink buds that gradually open into fragrant, star-shaped blooms. The subtle yet elegant colour palette of ‘Marlot’ adds a soft touch to garden landscapes. Thriving in partial to full shade, this cultivar is versatile and adapts well to various garden designs. With its easy maintenance and year-round visual appeal, Camellia Skimmia Japonica ‘Marlot’ is a favoured choice for those seeking a graceful and reliable addition to their outdoor spaces.

Specific conditions: Needs acidic soil