Summer Planting: June – August

As well as all the plants that are available in later Spring, we will have our greenhouses packed with colour and plant choice for your summer gardens, containers and hanging baskets. Most summer bedding and container plants are tender and should not be planted outside until the chance of frost has gone. If you are fortunate to have a heated greenhouse, then you can prepare your pots and hanging baskets from earlier in May and then they will be nice and full for when you put them out when the frosts have gone. Each season varies and frost have been known to come as late as the end of May. So keep an eye on the weather – we do!

Come and see our ranges of Summer plants on the benches where they are being grown, and not be resticted by the more limited range offered garden centres have bought in. As well as many other plants, we will have almost 50 varieties of Geraniums, upright and trailing (ivy leaf), and 35 varieties of Fuchsia with new varieties added each year.

Planting up a container or your borders? Our packs of bedding plants and our basket plants such as trailing Petunia and Bacopa (9cm pots) are all excellent value.

For instant colour we will have a selection of hanging baskets, but if you want to be certain of getting what you would like then these can be ordered, but please order by then end of March as we are limited as to how many we can make up each week. 

Planting up a rockery or just need some low growing all year round colour, check out or range of Alpines or for that tricky shady spot in the garden, we have a selection of Ferns, Hostas, Hardy Fuchsia, Hydrangea and more. Come and talk to us about your specific site.

And…. don’t forget we will continue to have Clematis and vegetables and more perennials to tempt you with.

If you do not know the best plants for your garden, pots or baskets then just ask.

If we do not have the plant that you are looking for please ask and we will try to get this from one of our local growers.