Eve Price


Viburnum ‘Eve Price’ is an exceptional shrub prized for its ornamental features, making it a popular choice in gardens and landscapes. This evergreen cultivar is distinguished by its glossy, leathery dark green leaves that provide year-round interest. ‘Eve Price’ is celebrated for its versatility, thriving in both sun and partial shade, and adapting well to various soil conditions. One of its most notable features is its clusters of pink buds that open into fragrant, blush-pink flowers during late winter to early spring. The delightful fragrance and the appealing color of the blooms contribute to the overall charm of this viburnum. With a compact and rounded growth habit, ‘Eve Price’ is well-suited for use as a specimen plant, in borders, or as part of mixed shrub plantings. Its easy maintenance, attractive foliage, and lovely blooms make Viburnum ‘Eve Price’ a favored choice for gardeners seeking a reliable and aesthetically pleasing addition to their outdoor spaces.